LA Ronda D. Barnes

Preacher, Author, theologian, and Pastor  of Affirmation Church,

          A church without walls

Every one of us has been created in God's image and chosen to be stewards of God's creation and reflections of God's love. Throughout our lives we have the opportunity to use the gifts God has given us in service to God and to each other. Often, we fail to fully develop and share those gifts out of fear, selfishness, or feelings of inadequacy.

Even the experiences of our lives become sources of continued heartache and shame instead of valuable resources for our own growth and the growth of the people around us. To experience the love of Christ is to experience freedom from shame, fear, and insecurity. It is to be free to love each other and all of God's creatures the way God loves us - radically, inclusively, and steadfastly. It is to be free to open ourselves to feeling God's presence, to trusting in God's guidance, and to experiencing life in ways we never imagined.

Never would I have dreamed that I would be a pastor. Yet the God that I have loved since I was a child has brought me to an awareness of the glorious love of Christ and called me to preach and write of that love. I have been called to do so with humor, emotion, and an openness to the Spirit's guidance in exploring God's word and God's world. 

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As Christians, we serve a God of life, joy, grace, and love. The Christ I experience is a passionate, humorous, wise, and gentle Spirit who calls me to share that experience with the life around me. 

The Language of Faith

      Is laughter and love...